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Grape Stomping Experience

grape stomping
grape stomping

Grape Stomping Experience

What is Grape Stomping?
It’s part of a method of maceration used in traditional winemaking. Rather than using a wine press or any other mechanized method, which at that time did not exist, grapes were crushed by foot in vats to release their juices and begin the fermentation process.

What we offer?
Releasing yourself from your Day to Day stress, You will enjoy this rare experience in a unique area. There is nothing like the feeling of grapes between your bare toes as you jump on them. Feel your enrollment in the creation of Santorinian Musts, just like many years ago, as the old residence of Santorini. Tone yourself with the aromatic freshness and the wonderful Surroundings
Our harmonized area is adapted to receive its visitors, has umbrellas which provides you a lovely shade along with our carefully selected music so we can start a blissful Journey!
You will find your spot in order to place your shoes and next to the press there is a faucet in which you can wash your feet.
This experience is offered upon request and in advance
So what are you waiting for?? Get your friends and Join us!!!

1st Package) ½ of Stepping ground 550.00€ (best fits for 2- 6 pax)
2nd Package) Full Stepping ground 1050.00€ (best fits for 7-20 pax)
All prices include VAT


Outdoor Stepping (YouTube)

Indoor Stepping (YouTube)