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An alternative to red, dry wine from native and rare varieties Mandilaria, Mavrotragano and Mavrathiro.
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Climate: Dry with limited rainfall during winter and spring. Moderate temperatures during winter. Warm to moderate temperatures during summer, usually without periods of extreme heat due to cooling northern winds. Humidity levels range from 60 to 80%, offering a breath of coolness to the vines.

Soil: Volcanic

Vineyard / Viticulture: Anhydrous, with the only source of water the low rainfall and high humidity, especially early in the morning.The average yield is low, about 4000 kilos per hectare but the quality of the production is excellent because of the concentration of all the solids parts existing in the berries (sugars, acids, aromatic compound, etc). The vines are particularly resistant to hot and dry conditions of the island, due to their rich and strong root system that penetrates the layers of volcanic soil (ash, lava and pumice covering the limestone and shale rock subsurface origin during successive eruptions.) The vines are pruned with the traditional pruning technique, called 'kouloura', which is a form of pruning of a low basket in which grapes are protected, without being injured by the hard blows of sand entrained by the wind. The fine, sandy soil, poor in nutrients, with little clay content, protects the vineyards of Santorini from phylloxera that is why the vines are ungrafted. In addition, due to the low rainfall combined with the winds prevailing on the island, the various vine diseases do not significantly affect the vineyards of Santorini.

Vinification: The harvest is manual. The grapes are collected in crates, never completely filled, to avoid broken berries. They immediately go to the facilities of our winery where they are placed in special cooling chambers, at a temperature of 10 ºC, in order to avoid any oxidation and to protect the aromatic potential of the varieties. We do the maceration only for few days in order to avoid aggressive tannins. Then, in the establishments of our winery, the alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at 20-22 οC while the aging continues into French oak barrels for about 18 months. In order to maintain the quality of the wine, the aging in barrels takes place in the underground canavas (cellar) where stable and controlled temperature conditions (15 -16 οC) and humidity (70 -80%) are strictly monitored. Bottling takes place in our specially designed areas of Koutsogiannopoulos winery.

Harvest: middle to end of August.

Tasting Notes: Red fruits, nuts, spices and herbs. Refreshing body, with velvety tannins that balance the friendly acidity of the native varieties, offering a long aftertaste.

Ageing potential: 10 years.

Food Pairing: It accompanies excellent red meats with light sauces, cold cuts and cheese dishes, spicy appetizers.

Best served: 16 - 18 ºC

Package Dimensions: Width: 9 cm , Height: 39 cm , Depth: 8.5 cm , Weight: 1.70 Kg