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The pruning season for vines in Santorini takes place between November and February.
We always leave three or four of the strongest branches intact and three bud-eyes on each branch, which are the points from which the grapes will develop. The branches with bud-eyes are woven into circles to form a basket (Greek kouloúra) where all the bud-eyes can gather together for the grapes to grow and be protected from strong winds.


Harvesting in Santorini usually takes place in mid-August. Due to high temperatures and lack of water, grapes tend to grow faster here than in other areas.
In Santorini, harvesting is a big event celebrated in the fields by numerous harvesters.
In the vineyards, it is common practice to whitewash stones so as to create paths and check that all vineyards have been harvested.
Santorini presents a rather low yield of 400kg in relation to other areas which present yields of 3000 to 5000kg.


A word so easy to say, but so hard to carry out for any winemaker.
Winemaking requires knowledge, but also love and meráki. Winemakers must use their knowledge, raw materials, and modern technology effectively in order to achieve great results worthy of their efforts.
Winemakers must love what they do. They are required to give their best by making effective use of their knowledge, raw materials, and modern technology in order to achieve great results worthy of their efforts. They need to prove to themselves that a year of hard work was not in vain, but that it produced a successful outcome.
Vinification is a process responsible for the aroma, taste, body, colour and duration of a wine. It is the transition phase from grape to wine. It is a ritual. And the wine is a living being; it is born, it grows and it matures. It reveals its personality at every stage, giving you the opportunity to enjoy every single moment. Wine is also like a woman; in the beginning she is petite, restless, fresh, undeveloped yet. Then, adolescence marks her first step towards maturity. As she grows, she becomes sensible; and as she matures, she becomes wiser.
It is not until a winemaker feels the velvety taste, the aroma and the texture of the wine he created that he feels complete.