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Vinsanto (Sweet Wine)


A PDO naturally sweet wine with caramel colour made from white sun-dried grapes. Vinsanto (Sweet Wine) The grapes are sun-dried for 14 days. This wine is a blend of 'Assyrtiko', 'Aidani', and 'Athiri', with a strong yellow-brown colour and the rich aromas of coffee, caramel, dried fruits and marmalade, raisin and dried nuts. A fine balance between intense sweetness and acidity.
The name Vinsanto is Italian and derives from the words vino (wine) and Santo (Santorini).
Vinsanto is produced exclusively in Santorini. The grapes are sun-dried for 14 days, and their sugars are dehydrated and caramelised. Five kilos of dried grapes produce a litre of Vinsanto. The wine is aged in oak barrels in the cellar of our winery for 2-4 years before bottling. The process of aging continues in the bottles for many years to come. Recommended serving temperature at 7-9ÂșC, and best enjoyed before a meal accompanied by fruit, dried nuts, cake, chocolate, or poured on ice-cream, or after a meal.

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