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Vinsanto PDO Santorini 500ml 

Νatutrally sweet white wine, from the sun dried grapes of Assyrtiko and Aidani, natives varieties to Santorini.
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Climate: Dry, with limited rainfall during winter and spring. Moderate temperatures during winter. Warm to moderate temperatures during summer, usually without periods of extreme heat due to cooling northern winds. Humidity levels range from 60 to 80%, offering a breath of coolness to the vines.

Soil: Volcanic

Vineyard / Viticulture: Anhydrous, with the only source of water the low rainfall and high humidity, especially early in the morning.The average yield is low, about 3000 kilos per hectare but the quality of the production is excellent because of the concentration of all the solids parts existing in the berries (sugars, acids, aromatic compound, etc). The vines are particularly resistant to hot and dry conditions of the island, due to their rich and strong root system that penetrates the layers of volcanic soil (ash, lava and pumice covering the limestone and shale rock subsurface origin during successive eruptions.) The vines are pruned with the traditional pruning technique, called 'kouloura', which is a form of pruning of a low basket in which grapes are protected, without being injured by the hard blows of sand entrained by the wind. The fine, sandy soil, poor in nutrients, with little clay content, protects the vineyards of Santorini from phylloxera that is why the vines are ungrafted. In addition, due to the low rainfall combined with the winds prevailing on the island, the various vine diseases do not significantly affect the vineyards of Santorini. The grapes come from the privately owned vineyards of the Koutsogiannopoulos family, age οf more than 70 years.

Vinification: Vinsanto is produced exclusively in Santorini. The name of the wine comes from the Venetian words "Vino" and "Santorini" (Vino di Santorini = Wine of Santorini)= "Vino…Santo" = Vinsanto. When the grapes reach the desired degree of ripening (14-15 Be), they are collected and sundried for about 10-12 days. Six kilos of sundried grapes produce one liter of Vinsanto. So great is the degree of concentration! The vinification takes place in the facilities of our winery under controlled conditions. Then, the wine ages in oak barrels in the natural underground canava (cellar) of our winery, under stable and controlled temperature (15 -16 οC) and humidity (70 -80%) for at least 2 years before bottling. The wine ends up naturally having residual sugars 13 Be and alcohol 10% vol. Without the addition of sugars and alcohol and with the ideal aging conditions, Vinsanto wine is 100% naturally sweet, with an aromatic and delicious evolution that captures even the most demanding consumer. After bottling at our winery, the aging process continues in the bottles for many more years.

Harvest: End of August til beginning of September.

Tasting Notes: Rich aromas of coffee, caramel, dried fruits and marmalade, fιgs, raisins and dried nuts. A fine balance between intense sweetness and fresh acidity, keeping the wine eternally young.

Αging potential: Unlimited. The oldest vintage of Vinsanto Koutsogiannopoulos is 1959!

Food pairing: it accompanies excellently dried fruits, nuts, cakes, chocolate or vanilla ice cream, or by the glass, before or after a meal.

Best served: 7 - 9 ºC

Package Dimensions: Width: 9 cm , Height: 39 cm , Depth: 8.5 cm , Weight: 1.70 Kg