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How can I get to the Wine Museum?

The Wine Museum is on the main Road towards Kamari. You can reach there by    car, taxi or by public transportation which there is a bus stop in front of the
Wine Museum.

Is there a parking area?
The Wine Museum has 2 private Parking’s within its premises which are free of    charge.

What times is the Wine Museum Open?
The Wine Museum is open 7 days a week from
April - October: 09:00 - 19:00 (Monday - Saturday) and 10:00 - 19:00 (Sunday)
November - March: 09:00 - 17:00 (Monday - Saturday) and 10:00 - 17:00 (Sunday)
All last entrances are 1 hour before closing.
The Wine Museum is closed on Clean Monday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and New Year

Is the Wine Museum Hearing impaired Friendly?
Yes, The Wine museum is Hearing impaired Friendly which one can read from the booklet we give to the documents which in the museum.

Is the Wine Museum for children and adults?
Yes, The Wine Museum welcomes people from all ages young and elderly.

Is the Museum easily accessible for people with walking disabilities?
The Wine museum is all underground (8meters depth & 300meters length) with stairs so it will be difficult. Other than that they can choose one of the Winery's packages and have their wine tasting in our specially air-conditioned areas.

Is there any snacks with the wine Tasting?
Depending on the package which you choose a platter might be included. Even if the package you choose does not have a platter you can choose among the platters which we have and select one at an extra cost.

Do we need to pre book in order to visit the Wine Museum?

You could visit the Wine Museum all through the day during the operating hours. You don’t need to book ahead of time to reserve your ticket.

What type of Winery are you?

The Wine Museum Koutsogiannopoulos is a boutique winery and you could find many different variety wines from aged to rare vintages and wines which have which have minimal production from the personal vineyards of the family.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed within the winery unless if it is a Certified trained help dog for people with disabilities.

Is there free internet Service at the Wine Museum?

There is free WIFI service outside the Museum at a shaded area in which you can use to enjoy yourself or finish personal tasks.

How Much time does a wine tasting with the museum take?

Wine museum & tasting experiences start with a tour that usually takes about 1hour and depending on which package you choose the duration could go up to 2 hours.

What would we expect to see on the tour?

Visiting the Wine museum you will learn the history of the Family, the history of Santorini wine dating back as early as 1660, and finally the life of a wine producer.

Can we find your wines in stores or restaurants?

Due to that the wine museum Koutsogiannopoulos is a boutique winery all of our wines you will find them only within our premises and some restaurants.