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Grape Stomping

The Tradition. The Culture. The Local Rituals.

Grape Stomping at the Wine Museum.

If you are looking for things to do in Santorini that include tradition, local food, organic wine and Greek hospitality, you are in the right place.

Meet the family owned winery of Koutsogiannopoulos and live a wine tasting and farm-to-table experience. We love simple things and everything that is natural.

The relationship between Greece and Grapes is mythical.

The grape harvest is, and always was, a significant time in Greece with cultural and ritual significance. The grape harvest transcends the agricultural and it has retained that significance into the modern era, making it a unique time to visit Greece, a way to see into the heart of true culture and experience an age-old tradition.

The grape harvest is a time that brings together communities. Traditionally, friends, family, and neighbors would come together, each playing their own essential roles. They would all together pick the grapes, laying them carefully into baskets. Young men with stronger backs would then carry the heavy baskets for the grapes to be pressed. Festivities would enliven the day.

This was followed by the “Patitiri” – the grape stomping.

Today, while many wineries have modernized their production methods and use mechanical presses to extract juice, some families still carry on the practice of grape stomping by foot. This is often done as a way to preserve the traditional methods and to produce a wine with a unique character.

Beyond its winemaking significance, grape stomping is also an important cultural activity for many communities, representing the hard work and dedication that goes into winemaking and the importance of preserving tradition and cultural heritage.

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