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The Wine. The Food. The History

A Bespoke Wine & Food Experience

The only way to truly capture the soul and culture of a place is through the local tastes, habits and traditions.

Tasting local wines and local food is an experience on its own and at The Wine Museum you may opt to experience both.

You may choose one of our recommended menus or order a custom made menu based on your personal preferences and immerse yourself into an experience that will satisfy all your senses and give you an insight on what "locality" really feels like.

Enjoy this experience in our specially designed private indoor area and take in the quiet peacefulness of these surroundings. Our menu focuses on local dishes that pair perfectly with our Koutsogiannopoulos Wines.

We can accommodate any special dietary needs, just ask our team beforehand.

For the above experience, availability request and pre-booking is required.

Minimum party of 10 ppl.

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